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The Prophet Ezekiel Ezekiel's throne vision

The priest Ezekiel prophesies while in exile in Babylon. Beginning in the fifth year following the exile of King Jehoiachin from Jerusalem, Jehovah comes to him with four living creatures in a vision of a celestial chariot, instructing him how to speak to the rebellious house of Israel, the exiled people. Jehovah speaks through Ezekiel about the coming siege of Jerusalem (Eze 4:2), its devastation (Eze 5:14), and judgments upon the surrounding nations. Jerusalem's fall actually took place while it was under the rule of the Babylonian puppet King Zedekiah (Eze 17:16), the manner of his capture having been foretold in detail at Ezekiel 12:13. The fall of Tyre is foretold (Eze 26:14). Other important messages in the book include Satan's beginning (Eze 28:15), judgment against Israel as prostitute (Eze 23), judgment against the shepherds of Israel ( Eze 34), the resurrection (Eze 37:13,14), Jehovah's plan to restore Israel (Eze 34, 37) and the restoration of justice for all (Eze 18, 33).