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The Prophet Jeremiah Jeremiah being lowered into the cistern

The priest Jeremiah prophesies exile during the time of the kings of ancient Judah. Although Jeremiah initially feels unworthy of the office, Jehovah speaks through Jeremiah, warning of the impending destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, and the Jews' impending 70 year exile. The book of Jeremiah chronicles many details of Jerusalem's actual destruction and exile, but promises a future restoration. In the same account, Jeremiah suffers imprisonment in a cistern, is granted freedom, and so writes to the exiled people, encouraging them to build in Babylon, and restating his prophecy that the period of exile would be 70 years. The books Kings and Lamentations, the latter a bewailing of the totality of Jerusalem's ruin, are also written by Jeremiah. That the prophecy came true is confirmed by 2Chronicles 36:21 (also Daniel 9:2). See also Bible Glossary - Prophecy