Ward Green 2004-02-12

    Ward Green was born January 10, 1957 in Deep River, Ontario, Canada. His true passion is songwriting, and he plays a number of musical instruments. In 1986 he became seriously ill with CFS (a seriously debilitating and misunderstood illness). He has made a miraculous recovery, which he owes to Jehovah God for giving him the faith to try coral calcium. He benefited from vitamins and minerals, especially Bob Barefoot's coral calcium. He has started to write songs again, recording digitally on his computer. Some of his own MP3's (CD2 is the newest) are available for listening or downloading from the homepage of this website. His new songs ``Dream Baby'' and ``A Blues'' were recorded in February 2004. He currently resides near Ottawa and works along with his wife Anne at their residence, Greenledge Studios. He is knowledgable in many areas, including science and the Bible. An inspired songwriter and musician, he believes it important to be knowledgable in all areas of life, basing his own life firmly on the principles in the Bible. He finds great comfort in knowing the promise of a paradise earth, known from antiquity, and is happy to share his faith with others where appropriate. He has recently been enjoying the viewing of a new plasma display television in High Definition. For the purpose of this website, he authors and his wife Anne assists in the maintenance. The Bible says `let those who have wives be as those who have none' (1Corinthians 7:29) so that the love of the Christ may be spread around, of course! He sends his love to all who are suffering now in any situation in which they may find themselves, that they may be comforted, even as he was comforted.
Ward: ``I do love YOU-- hope to see you soon.''

Some encouragement from the Bible for faithful ones:

"We are moving toward a situation the likes

of which the world has never seen.   I believe that

it is truly the condition in time described in the Bible

as Armageddon."

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