July 1998
July 31, 1998 = = Eccl 2:24
With a man there is nothing better [than] that he should eat and indeed drink and cause his soul to see good because of his hard work. This too I have seen, even I, that this is from the hand of the [true] God.

July 30, 1998 = = Eccl 11:1
Send out your bread upon the surface of the waters, for in the course of many days you will find it again.

July 29, 1998 = = Eccl 10:19
Bread is for the laughter of the workers, and wine itself makes life rejoice; but money is what meets a response in all things.

July 28, 1998 = = Eccl 1:6
The wind is going to the south, and it is circling around to the north. Round and round it is continually circling, and right back to its circlings the wind is returning.

July 27, 1998 = = Prov 17:14
The beginning of contention is as one letting out waters; so before the quarrel has burst forth, take your leave.

July 26, 1998 = = Prov 16:18
Pride is before a crash, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.

July 25, 1998 = = Prov 16:1
To earthling man belong the arrangings of the heart, but from Jehovah is the answer of the tongue.

July 24, 1998 = = Prov 6:10,11
A little more sleep, a little more slumbering, a little more folding of the hands in lying down, and your poverty will certainly come just like some rover, and your want like an armed man.

July 23, 1998 = = Prov 24:27
Prepare your work out of doors, and make it ready for yourself in the field. Afterward you must also build up your household.

July 22, 1998 = = Eccl 4:6
Better is a handful of rest than a double handful of hard work and striving after the wind.

July 21, 1998 = = Prov 29:5
An able-bodied man that is flattering his companion is spreading out a mere net for his steps.

July 20, 1998 = = Eccl 11:1
Send out your bread upon the surface of the waters, for in the course of many days you will find it again.

July 19, 1998 = = Eccl 12:13
The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the [true] God and keep his commandments. For this is the whole [obligation] of man.

July 18, 1998 = = Prov 20:27
The breath of earthling man is the lamp of Jehovah, carefully searching all the innermost parts of the belly.

July 17, 1998 = = Eccl 7:18
It is better that you should take hold of the one, but from the other also do not withdraw your hand; for he that fears God will go forth with them all.

July 16, 1998 = = Eccl 7:17
Do not be wicked overmuch, nor become foolish. Why should you die when it is not your time?

July 15, 1998 = = Eccl 7:16
Do not become righteous overmuch, nor show yourself excessively wise. Why should you cause desolation to yourself?

July 14, 1998 = = Prov 15:12
The ridiculer does not love the one reproving him. To the wise ones he will not go.

July 13, 1998 = = Prov 10:30
As for the righteous one, to time indefinite he will not be caused to stagger; but as for the wicked ones, they will not keep residing on the earth.

July 12, 1998 = = Prov 10:24
The thing frightful to the wicked one--that is what will come to him; but the desire of the righteous ones will be granted.

July 11, 1998 = = Prov 10:19
In the abundance of words there does not fail to be transgression, but the one keeping his lips in check is acting discreetly.

July 10, 1998 = = Prov 9:10
The fear of Jehovah is the start of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Most Holy One is what understanding is.

July 09, 1998 = = Prov 10:12
Hatred is what stirs up contentions, but love covers over even all transgressions.

July 08, 1998 = = Prov 10:1
Proverbs of Solomon. A wise son is the one that makes a father rejoice, and a stupid son is the grief of his mother.

July 07, 1998 = = Prov 8:22
"Jehovah himself produced me as the beginning of his way, the earliest of his achievements of long ago."

July 06, 1998 = = 2 Pe 2:22
The saying of the true proverb has happened to them: "The dog has returned to its own vomit, and the sow that was bathed to rolling in the mire."

July 05, 1998 = = Prov 20:1
Wine is a ridiculer, intoxicating liquor is boisterous, and everyone going astray by it is not wise.

July 04, 1998 = = Prov 21:24
Presumptuous, self-assuming braggart is the name of the one who is acting in a fury of presumptuousness.

July 03, 1998 = = Prov 24:23
These [sayings] also are for the wise ones: The showing of partiality in judgment is not good.

July 02, 1998 = = Prov 24:10
Have you shown yourself discouraged in the day of distress? Your power will be scanty.

July 01, 1998 = = Prov 18:24
There exist companions disposed to break one another to pieces, but there exists a friend sticking closer than a brother.

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