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For my eyes are dimmed through pain; I have been grievously beset by all. (Job 17:7, Brenton) 2016
'Love is as strong as death.' (Ca 8:6)—'True, godly love is better than life.' (Ps 63:3)

 Ward Green 
 Anne Ruth Rutledge (1924-2016)


 In Memory of Anne Rutledge 

 To the Late, Great 
 Anne Rutledge 

(Epitaph on tombstone:)
She was just a humble girl   Agift of faith possessing
Humility and warmth   To 'is Eternal blessing
Return to Heaven now   Ever humble never proud
The brightest little sunbeam   Ever danced upon a cloud

Bo (Robert Charles) Green Bo Green's Website
Trinity Harbour Newfoundland by Green

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Right: Anne as a young girl (Edited by Ward Green December 21, 2009)
Update: Family History

My Story - Sixty Years OnThe Uncut Tut (GT)
Wild Road Ahead To History (MYM)
Anne pre-teen

Trojan War: Year End Report (QWP)
(B4) Chronology History of Babylon

Ward Green from Adam-- Part 1 Ward Green from Adam-- Part 2

Crucible of Credible Creed

Old Perlican Circuit 2007
From Adam...144 Generations

Origin For The Green Name:
Ark of Urartu
The Ark Of Urartu & The Orient Express The Family of James Rowe
The Rowe Family of Trinity

The Skanes Family of Ide, Devon
The Taverner Family of Trinity Bay
The Brock (Broch) Family of Trinity - Present, Future, and Past
John and Mary Sweet Family Graves, St. Paul's, Trinity, Newfoundland
The Sweet Family of Trinity
Sarah (Taverner) Sweet 1814 Inscription

The Family of William and Sarah Sweet
Mary (Brock) Sweet of Christchurch, Hants
Sweets, Gobys, & The Christchurch Connection
Moses Grandma Moses
Anne Ruth Green, Sister of Grace
George and Eliza Rutledge in Car
Andrew Sweet's Marker Andrew Sweet's Marker Revealed
On: Redemption of the PhoenixThe Horns of Amen-Ra and the Day of Judgment On: Redemption of the Phoenix
On: Redemption of the Phoenix
Thank God ! For the First Time Ever in History...
The True Chronology of the World:
Joseph—Ruler of Egypt

~Green...November 23, 2009:
Writ of History ``Seventh Summer...'' and the
.Smith Farsa! Nov 1-6, 2008: !Fire ``As sure as the Lord was in Priddy''
...Valdr Afallach!...Baldr Oct 9, 2008:
Skjöldings! Scyldings! Sep 17, 2008:
Jan. 5, 2016 Update - Melvin R. of Heart's Content:

Free, fast, PDF format !!
2nd Edition Melvin Rowe's Heart's Content Shipwrights - Now Including Historical Background, Descents from Antiquity, see Chapter 4. Obadiah Rowe

See also Appendices A4 (Adam to Rollo), A5 (Adam to Poppa), and A6 (Adam to Charlemagne) and
Rouen Revue: Dec 21, 2009: unedited by Rolf Ward Green, the
Descendants of Sir EVERARD de ROWE

Harald Hildetand Dec. 25, 2007:
Harald Hildetand and Rollo in the Trojan House of Charlemagne
Green Origins Dec. 6, 2007:
Hants Harbour, a Tam o' Shanter for John T. Green
One original unretouched photo and a conservation process

Trinity Revisited, Newfoundland July-August 2007--
In all, Ward took more than 3000 photos. From photos taken atop Gun Hill using a standard Digital Camera (5-Megapixel) the following panorama was painstakingly formed using 16 photos as a basis for this wide view:
Panorama of Trinity Harbour (Trinity Bay, Newfoundland)
Trinity archives record a daughter of James and the `late Elizabeth' Goby of Old Perlican as `Elizabeth Sarah Sweet' Goby. In Old Perlican records James and Elizabeth Goby have a daughter Catherine Goby who is recorded as born on 15 Mar 1801 and baptised in Old Perlican 27 Mar 1817. Catherine (1801-1869) and John Green (c1789-1863) the third-great-grandfather of Ward Green, both of Old Perlican, married. Mary Brock married John Sweet, and they being of Trinity had son William who married Sarah Taverner of Trinity, whose daughter Elizabeth married James Goby of Old Perlican.
John and Mary Sweet Family Tree

Old Perlican Methodist Class Lists

The Latest Studio Design Considerations

If anyone thinks he has acquired knowledge of something, he does not yet know it just as he ought to know it. (1Corinthians 8:2)
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