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Raw food is believed in many cases to contain enough ``live'' ingredient (enzymes, vitamins, microbes, and unknown factors) to enable one's body to completely digest it.
Jalapeño Spinach Salad
Pineapple Citrus Juice
Strawberry Rawberry Pie
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Cooking destroys enzymes vital to digestion.
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Pineapple Citrus Juice Strawberry Rawberry Pie Blueberry Stir-Fry
Jalapeño Spinach Salad Cookies Trinity-Style Native American Corn Stew
Lentil Soup Easy 3½ Hour Yeast Bread Simple Pasta
Chicken Chop Suey Cider Bread Organic Potato Soup
Bar BQ Chicken Wings Anne & Ward's Tamale Pie Ward's Delicious Omelette
Orange Chicken Chop Suey Chili - Hot or Cold Bean Dish

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They had heard about his sermons. But they hadn't actually seen and heard for themselves just what people were saying about the preacher. "Oh, he's the best preacher!" they'd been warned. And, "He gets results." Still, they were very eager to see for themselves, and so they all showed up that scheduled Sunday with bated breath. He was good. So good. They were suitably impressed, and after the sermon gave the preacher many thanks and congratulations. "See you next week," he said.

Well they could barely wait until the following Sunday, and they turned out in greater numbers after word had spread about the fine sermon that the preacher had given the previous Sunday. After this second sermon, some who had been absent the previous week said, ``I see what you mean about the new preacher," and went up to give the customary thanks to the preacher. But others were a little puzzled, looked at one another in bewilderment, but didn't dare to approach the preacher about their concerns.

And so it was that they all gathered again the following Sunday, and in even greater numbers. They were all very excited, but as the sermon began, they were more than a little perplexed by what the preacher was saying. It all sounded very familiar, a little bit too familiar. So, after the sermon concluded, they approached the preacher gingerly. ``Excuse us, but we were wondering... are you aware that some... that is... most of what you said today in your sermon was... pretty much identical to what you said in your sermon last week?"

The preacher smiled. "Actually, yes," he exclaimed, and he added, ``and I'm going to keep on saying it until you people start applying it!"

Achieving good health is a little bit like that sermon. When you find something that works, you've got to keep on doing it. But it's not easy, nor is it even (necessarily) so popular. But perhaps the biggest problem is getting two people to agree on what is the way to good health. Some people say high protein, others high fibre, and still others say to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Which is correct? The answer, realistically, is that it depends. It depends on the circumstances of the person who is seeking health. And it depends on the ability of the body of that person to tolerate the foods or lifestyle changes recommended. When I was sick, I know that I could not eat even one apple without stomach pain, whereas now I can eat several of the same apples on an empty stomach without complaint, enjoying every last morsel. More than a few apples fill my stomach beyond capacity, so there is little point in continuing the experiment beyond a few apples. The point is, there has been a big change in my physiology during the course of my recovery, and while there has been a very large number of noticeable changes in me, all of which are very thrilling to me, and which I believe to be documentable proof of my revitalization, none is as simple or as repeatable as the apple test. About the time of my stomach upset, I discovered the use of tums. Antacid tablets like tums, or equivalent, worked well as a way to buffer the acid of the apple, but more than that, a couple of tums was all that was required to completely nullify the painful effects of the apple on my stomach. I no longer require antacid as a general rule, but when I feel it's needed (maybe a few times per year) now I use Maalox, the melt-in-your-mouth variety. I think it is important to recognize this as the start of my journey to good health. I discovered, quite an epiphany at the time, that antacid eradicated my disease. The way I did it was that I suddenly had the thought that perhaps the indigestion, as I had come to call it, was a common ailment for which there was a common remedy. The remedy, Tums, were commonly available at most any corner store, and came with but a single warning regarding excessive use and the consultation of a physician. Without exceeding the recommendations on the label, I found tums to be quite an effective, even brilliant solution to my stomach discomfort problem. Much more importantly, I had come to the conclusion on my own. It was a confidence builder.

Unfortunately for me, it wasn't the last problem I would discover. Over the course of problems and discoveries, I have compiled a list of all the factors I can currently remember about how to achieve good health. I don't remember them all in the course of a single day, and I present them not for analysis but for education and learning. One need not apply all of these factors at once to see improvement, nor is any one factor recommended in a particular case as having therapeutic value. Rather, they may be seen to be a goal, a recipe for survival and for the attainment of vigourous health in general.

Factors for Good Health

  • Avoid processing & additives
  • Natural is better
  • Small Meals
  • Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D.
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Fruit
  • Honey
  • Tea
  • Spinach, Greens
  • Sunshine
  • Fresh Juice
  • Fresh Air
  • Organic Fruit, Vegetables
  • Blueberries, Berries
  • Raw Food; No cooked food
  • Calcium-rich foods
  • Absorbable calcium
  • Water from food & juice & tea
  • $800-900/mo food, 2 people
  • Tea several (4) cups a day
  • No refined sugars, just honey
  • Sea salt, no refined salt
  • Positive thoughts, no negative
  • Love, touching
  • No bottled juices, canned food
  • No pasteurizing of milk or cheese
  • No animal products except cheese
  • No meat or fish, cooked or otherwise
  • Green tea only
  • Pineapple, grapefruit, orange, lemon lime fresh juice
  • Tea as morning starter for stomach
  • Apples to help digestion
  • Pumpkin & sunflower seeds in salad
  • Garlic, 2-3 cloves a day in salad
  • Olive oil 2T a day in salad
  • No white or wine vinegar, just apple cidar vinegar
  • Fresh produce
  • Sealed romaine lettuce in fridge
  • Spinach in fridge not totally sealed
  • Garlic not sealed
  • Exercise only when energetic
  • Exercise only by doing work
  • Sleep without pillow when lying face down
  • Use only one pillow maximum under head when sleeping
  • Pillow under lumbar when sleeping
  • Magnetic pinky rings,
  • Naps for drowsiness
  • Rest when tired
  • Back support when seated, or good posture
  • Up to 10,000 RDA's vitamins
  • Up to 100 times RDA minerals
  • Prayer, Bible study every day
  • Vitamin and Mineral supplements
  • Breathing, relaxation
  • Laughter
  • Shopping for food like warfare, concentrate on quality
  • Fruit in season
  • Fruit & greens, tea & honey
  • Cheese & nuts, seeds and berries
  • cautious not careful
  • caution in diet decisions
  • slow to change, quick to learn
  • low-fiber juice
  • slow juicer, Green Power Juicer
  • No fibre with calcium
  • No soft drinks
  • No ice cream
  • No steak, or other meat
  • copy example Okinawans, Hunzakuts
  • belief in creation, not evolution
  • avoid low-freq RF
  • avoid carcinogens
  • absorbable calcium in fresh produce, spinach, grapes
  • do not cook spinach
  • Natural Factors
  • cal mag citrate
  • coral calcium, cal-mg ratio 2:1 ionic
  • microbes in coral
  • wheatgrass
  • electrons
  • oxygen
  • avoid false teachings
  • keep written record
  • don't waste energy trying to convince establishment
  • chew food well
  • chew juice
  • focus on what works
  • dental hygiene
  • general hygiene
  • juice cleansing
  • no additives
  • no artificial sweeteners
  • eat calcium with no fibre
  • water-based foods
  • avoid oxygen contact with food
  • separate fibre from juice
  • bacteria for digestion in raw food
  • if it works, keep doing it
  • eat low on food chain
  • avoid food processing
  • high calcium with high protein
  • liquid calcium-magnesium to relieve occasional fatigue
  • vitamin C to relieve daily stress
  • vitamin D to relieve stiff muscles
  • no drugs
  • organic chocolate
  • organic food only, no preservatives or hormones
  • homemade bread only, no other baked goods
  • small piece of raw brocoli for breakfast as first food of the day
  • apple instead antacid tablets to overcome indigestion
  • go south in the winter
  • travel several times a year
  • get direct sunlight every sunny day
  • NU-Eyes eyedrops for non-surgical cataract removal, nutritional support of vision
  • continued attention to health and energy levels

  • Another problem related to my recovery itself. When I was still sick with what I had come to know as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, my physician at the time had at one point mentioned the possiblity that ``it was all in my head." As I later discovered, calcium is required for all nerve function! I came to understand that to say ``it's all in your head" is to say ``your brain is not functioning properly." Brains are made of nerves, lots and lots of nerves, and the brain depends on the proper functioning of just those nerves in order to function. Without the brain, the body doesn't receive proper healing signals, hormonal trigger signals, or the like, and furthermore without nerves the brain can't perform effectively as the command centre for the entire body.

    So, having begun our journey into learning more about good health and how to obtain and maintain it, here are a few recipes to help nourish the body so that it may heal itself and continue to become more perfect as our Creator intended. I hope you enjoy these in the best way possible, and that you achieve your own culinary goals, experiencing the greatest satisfaction that a person can feel. May we all praise Jehovah for his marvelous creations and for his gift of life.

    Ward Green

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