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Continuing Bible Study

 On Beginning a Course of Bible Reading:
  It won't be easy to start reading the Bible...

  First of all, I want to begin by saying that I love you, I respect you greatly for who you have already become up until now, and I want to encourage you that you can, through the contributing of earnest effort, accomplish anything you desire. If you will allow me, I would like to be your partner in spiritual development, doing what I can with the resources available to me, strengthening your resolve and inspiring you to become the person you are fully capable of being.

  It isn't easy to start a course of regular Bible study, particularly if one has been raised, as I was, on the belief in evolution as a fundamental way of thinking. But it became more and more clear to me as time went on, through the increasing conflict which was waged in me, that my problem wasn't caused by the world around me so much as by my own beliefs. If you, too, have come to the point where nothing in the world can satisfy you, then you already know-- in your own way-- what I am saying; but even if you haven't, consider that, in my own opinion, any amount of Bible reading,
even if not continued, will be of great benefit to anyone who undertakes it, as long as it is undertaken in faith.

  That having been said, be aware also that in the world's media the Bible is frequently portrayed in a negative way. For example, on television many stories are seen which would have us believe that those who read the Bible are the same people who commit the most dastardly crimes. Realize, though, that the Bible itself many times and in many ways foretells the destruction of those pretending to be God's people, but who are practising lawlessness. And know also, that just because some are judged harshly now for representing God incorrectly doesn't mean that there won't be others who are judged on the basis that they wouldn't even try to find out if the Bible is God's Word.

  As you continue studying the Bible, you will find great comfort and be motivated by the powerful truths it contains, but you will also find your faith being renewed again and again as you read of miracles and events which enable you to understand everything around you, from the behaviour of animals to world powers to the enormous power of God. You will find practical wisdom that will enable you to cope bettter with problems and take better advantage of the information that the modern world presents. You will learn that God's power is much greater than that of man, but you will see humans who have not yet begun to study the Bible and the things they struggle with, and you will feel humbled by the privilege you have to be able to help them!

  I don't expect that everyone will have the same appetite for studying God's Word as everyone else, but it is advisable to study regularly, and to study a certain number of chapters each day. Also, reading from different parts of the Bible should be arranged by dividing the Bible into sections and rotating the sections on a daily basis, so that during any given week you are getting a balanced diet of spiritual food.

  The challenge, then, is to begin now, and to find a way despite all opposition...


Yours truly,

Ward Green

Continuing Bible Study
Introduction to Bible Concepts