October 1998
October 31, 1998 = = Eccl 5:11
When good things become many, those eating them certainly become many. And what advantage is there to the grand owner of them, except looking [at them] with his eyes?

October 30, 1998 = = Eccl 5:12
Sweet is the sleep of the one serving, regardless of whether it is little or much that he eats; but the plenty belonging to the rich one is not permitting him to sleep.

October 29, 1998 = = Eccl 5:13
There exists a grave calamity that I have seen under the sun: riches being kept for their grand owner to his calamity.

October 28, 1998 = = Eccl 5:14
And those riches have perished because of a calamitous occupation, and he has become father to a son when there is nothing at all in his hand.

October 27, 1998 = = Eccl 5:15
Just as one has come forth from his mother's belly, naked will one go away again, just as one came; and nothing at all can one carry away for his hard work, which he can take along with his hand.

October 26, 1998 = = Eccl 5:16
And this too is a grave calamity: exactly as one has come, so one will go away; and what profit is there to the one who keeps working hard for the wind?

October 25, 1998 = = Eccl 5:17
Also, all his days he eats in darkness itself, with a great deal of vexation, with sickness on his part and [cause for] indignation.

October 24, 1998 = = Eccl 5:18
Look! The best thing that I myself have seen, which is pretty, is that one should eat and drink and see good for all his hard work with which he works hard under the sun for the number of the days of his life that the [true] God has given him, for that is his portion.

October 23, 1998 = = Eccl 5:19
Also every man to whom the [true] God has given riches and material possessions, he has even empowered him to eat from it and to carry off his portion and to rejoice in his hard work. This is the gift of God.

October 22, 1998 = = Eccl 5:20
For not often will he remember the days of his life, because the [true] God is preoccupying [him] with the rejoicing of his heart.

October 21, 1998 = = Eccl 9:4
For as respects whoever is joined to all the living there exists confidence, because a live dog is better off than a dead lion.

October 20, 1998 = = Prov 3:9
Honor Jehovah with your valuable things and with the firstfruits of all your produce.

October 19, 1998 = = Prov 3:12
The one whom Jehovah loves he reproves, even as a father does a son in whom he finds pleasure.

October 18, 1998 = = Prov 21:27
The sacrifice of the wicked ones is something detestable. How much more so when one brings it along with loose conduct.

October 17, 1998 = = Prov 22:2
The rich one and the one of little means have met each other. The Maker of them all is Jehovah.

October 16, 1998 = = Prov 29:1
A man repeatedly reproved but making his neck hard will suddenly be broken, and that without healing.

October 15, 1998 = = Prov 29:8
Men of boastful talk inflame a town, but those who are wise turn back anger.

October 14, 1998 = = Prov 29:12
Where a ruler is paying attention to false speech, all those waiting on him will be wicked.

October 13, 1998 = = Prov 29:23
The very haughtiness of earthling man will humble him, but he that is humble in spirit will take hold of glory.

October 12, 1998 = = Prov 29:27
A man of injustice is something detestable to the righteous ones, and one who is upright in his way is something detestable to a wicked one.

October 11, 1998 = = Eccl 4:2,3
And I congratulated the dead who had already died rather than the living who were still alive. So better than both of them [is] the one who has not yet come to be, who has not seen the calamitous work that is being done under the sun.

October 10, 1998 = = Eccl 4:5
The stupid one is folding his hands and is eating his own flesh.

October 09, 1998 = = Eccl 4:9,10
Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their hard work. For if one of them should fall, the other one can raise his partner up. But how will it be with just the one who falls when there is not another to raise him up?

October 08, 1998 = = Eccl 4:12
And if somebody could overpower one alone, two together could make a stand against him. And a threefold cord cannot quickly be torn in two.

October 07, 1998 = = Eccl 5:10
A mere lover of silver will not be satisfied with silver, neither any lover of wealth with income. This too is vanity.

October 06, 1998 = = Prov 21:25
The very craving of the lazy will put him to death, for his hands have refused to work.

October 05, 1998 = = Prov 21:23
He that is keeping his mouth and his tongue is keeping his soul from distresses.

October 04, 1998 = = Prov 21:22
A wise one has scaled even the city of mighty men, that he might bring down the strength of its confidence.

October 03, 1998 = = Prov 21:19
Better is it to dwell in a wilderness land than with a contentious wife along with vexation.

October 02, 1998 = = Prov 21:18
The wicked is a ransom for the righteous one; and the one dealing treacherously takes the place of the upright ones.

October 01, 1998 = = Prov 21:14
A gift made in secrecy subdues anger; and a bribe in the bosom, strong rage.

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