November 1998
November 30, 1998 = = Prov 11:17
A man of loving-kindness is dealing rewardingly with his own soul, but the cruel person is bringing ostracism upon his own organism.

November 29, 1998 = = Prov 11:16
A woman of charm is the one that takes hold of glory; but the tyrants, for their part, take hold of riches.

November 28, 1998 = = Prov 11:15
One will positively fare badly because he has gone surety for a stranger, but the one hating handshaking is keeping carefree.

November 27, 1998 = = Prov 11:14
When there is no skillful direction, the people fall; but there is salvation in the multitude of counselors.

November 26, 1998 = = Prov 11:13
The one walking about as a slanderer is uncovering confidential talk, but the one faithful in spirit is covering over a matter.

November 25, 1998 = = Prov 11:12
The one in want of heart has despised his own fellowman, but the man of broad discernment is one that keeps silent.

November 24, 1998 = =Prov 11:6
The righteousness of the upright ones is what will deliver them, but by their craving those dealing treacherously will themselves be caught.

November 23, 1998 = = Prov 11:4
Valuable things will be of no benefit on the day of fury, but righteousness itself will deliver from death.

November 22, 1998 = = Prov 11:2
Has presumptuousness come? Then dishonor will come; but wisdom is with the modest ones.

November 21, 1998 = = Prov 10:25
As when the storm wind passes over, so the wicked one is no more; but the righteous one is a foundation to time indefinite.

November 20, 1998 = = Prov 10:18
Where there is one covering over hatred there are lips of falsehood, and the one bringing forth a bad report is stupid.

November 19, 1998 = = Prov 10:5
The son acting with insight is gathering during the summertime; the son acting shamefully is fast asleep during the harvest.

November 18, 1998 = = Prov 9:10
The fear of Jehovah is the start of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Most Holy One is what understanding is.

November 17, 1998 = = Prov 9:7
He that is correcting the ridiculer is taking to himself dishonor, and he that is giving a reproof to someone wicked--a defect in him.

November 16, 1998 = = Prov 7:4
Say to wisdom: `You are my sister'; and may you call understanding itself `Kinswoman'.

November 15, 1998 = = Prov 7:2
Keep my commandments and continue living, and my law like the pupil of your eyes.

November 14, 1998 = = Prov 6:34
For the rage of an able-bodied man is jealousy, and he will not show compassion in the day of vengeance.

November 13, 1998 = = Prov 6:23
For the commandment is a lamp, and a light the law is, and the reproofs of discipline are the way of life.

November 12, 1998 = = Prov 6:16-19
There are six things that Jehovah does hate; yes, seven are things detestable to his soul: lofty eyes, a false tongue, and hands that are shedding innocent blood, a heart fabricating hurtful schemes, feet that are in a hurry to run to badness, a false witness that launches forth lies, and anyone sending forth contentions among brothers.

November 11, 1998 = = Prov 6:7,8
Although it has no commander, officer or ruler, it prepares its food even in the summer; it has gathered its food supplies even in the harvest.

November 10, 1998 = = Prov 6:6
Go to the ant, you lazy one; see its ways and become wise.

November 09, 1998 = = Prov 5:22
His own errors will catch the wicked one, and in the ropes of his own sin he will be taken hold of.

November 08, 1998 = = Prov 5:20
So why should you, my son, be in an ecstasy with a strange woman or embrace the bosom of a foreign woman?

November 07, 1998 = = Prov 5:18,19
Let your water source prove to be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth, a lovable hind and a charming mountain goat. Let her own breasts intoxicate you at all times. With her love may you be in an ecstasy constantly.

November 06, 1998 = = Prov 4:23
More than all else that is to be guarded, safeguard your heart, for out of it are the sources of life.

November 05, 1998 = = Prov 4:7
Wisdom is the prime thing. Acquire wisdom; and with all that you acquire, acquire understanding.

November 04, 1998 = = Prov 3:30
Do not quarrel with a man without cause, if he has rendered no bad to you.

November 03, 1998 = = Prov 3:27
Do not hold back good from those to whom it is owing, when it happens to be in the power of your hand to do [it].

November 02, 1998 = = Prov 3:20
By his knowledge the watery deeps themselves were split apart, and the cloudy skies keep dripping down light rain.

November 01, 1998 = = Prov 3:19
Jehovah himself in wisdom founded the earth. He solidly fixed the heavens in discernment.

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