December 1998
December 31, 1998 = = Prov 13:18
The one neglecting discipline [comes to] poverty and dishonor, but the one keeping a reproof is the one that is glorified.

December 30, 1998 = = Prov 13:17
A messenger that is wicked will fall into bad, but a faithful envoy is a healing.

December 29, 1998 = = Prov 13:16
Everyone shrewd will act with knowledge, but the one that is stupid will spread abroad foolishness.

December 28, 1998 = = Prov 13:15
Good insight itself gives favor, but the way of those dealing treacherously is rugged.

December 27, 1998 = = Prov 13:14
The law of the wise one is a source of life, to turn one away from the snares of death.

December 26, 1998 = = Prov 13:13
He that has despised the word, from him a [debtor's] pledge will be seized; but the one fearing the commandment is the one that will be rewarded.

December 25, 1998 = = Prov 13:12
Expectation postponed is making the heart sick, but the thing desired is a tree of life when it does come.

December 24, 1998 = = Prov 13:11
Valuable things resulting from vanity become fewer, but the one collecting by the hand is the one that makes increase.

December 23, 1998 = = Prov 13:10
By presumptuousness one only causes a struggle, but with those consulting together there is wisdom.

December 22, 1998 = = Prov 13:1
A son is wise where there is a father's discipline, but the ridiculer is one that has not heard rebuke.

December 21, 1998 = = Prov 12:28
In the path of righteousness there is life, and the journey in its pathway means no death.

December 20, 1998 = = Prov 12:27
Slackness will not start up one's game animals, but the diligent one is a man's precious wealth.

December 19, 1998 = = Prov 12:26
The righteous one spies out his own pasturage, but the very way of wicked ones causes them to wander about.

December 18, 1998 = = Prov 12:25
Anxious care in the heart of a man is what will cause it to bow down, but the good word is what makes it rejoice.

December 17, 1998 = = Prov 12:24
The hand of the diligent ones is the one that will rule, but the slack hand will come to be for forced labor.

December 16, 1998 = = Prov 12:23
A shrewd man is covering knowledge, but the heart of the stupid ones is one that calls out foolishness.

December 15, 1998 = = Prov 12:23
A shrewd man is covering knowledge, but the heart of the stupid ones is one that calls out foolishness.

December 14, 1998 = = Prov 11:31
Look! The righteous one--in the earth he will be rewarded. How much more should the wicked one and the sinner be!

December 13, 1998 = = Prov 11:30
The fruitage of the righteous one is a tree of life, and he that is winning souls is wise.

December 12, 1998 = = Prov 11:29
As for anyone bringing ostracism upon his own house, he will take possession of wind; and a foolish person will be a servant to the one wise in heart.

December 11, 1998 = = Prov 11:28
The one trusting in his riches--he himself will fall; but just like foliage the righteous ones will flourish.

December 10, 1998 = = Prov 11:27
He that is looking for good will keep seeking goodwill; but as for the one searching for bad, it will come upon him.

December 09, 1998 = = Prov 11:26
The one holding back grain--the populace will execrate him, but there is a blessing for the head of the one letting it be bought.

December 08, 1998 = = Prov 11:25
The generous soul will itself be made fat, and the one freely watering [others] will himself also be freely watered.

December 07, 1998 = = Prov 11:24
There exists the one that is scattering and yet is being increased; also the one that is keeping back from what is right, but it results only in want.

December 06, 1998 = = Prov 11:23
The desire of the righteous ones is surely good; the hope of the wicked ones is fury.

December 05, 1998 = = Prov 11:22
As a gold nose ring in the snout of a pig, so is a woman that is pretty but that is turning away from sensibleness.

December 04, 1998 = = Prov 11:21
Though hand be to hand, a bad person will not go unpunished; but the offspring of the righteous ones will certainly escape.

December 03, 1998 = = Prov 11:20
Those crooked at heart are something detestable to Jehovah, but the ones blameless in [their] way are a pleasure to him.

December 02, 1998 = = Prov 11:19
The one firmly standing for righteousness is in line for life, but the one chasing after what is bad is in line for his own death.

December 01, 1998 = = Prov 11:18
The wicked one is making false wages, but the one sowing righteousness, true earnings.

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