The Lymph Pump:

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    While quite a number of people have commented on the value of exercise in health, the reason for this is not often considered.   Success coach Anthony Robbins is a noted exception, as he has pointed out the importance of exercise as one of the prime ways in which lymph fluid is pumped through the body.   The other way is, of course, breathing.   What is lymph's purpose though?   Actually, while we don't pretend to know everything about a creation as complex as a living being, it seems that lymph fluid is significant as a means of removing dead cells and extraneous matter from around the living cells, thereby facilitating their health.   The trouble is, lymph has no pump.

    Since lymph has no pump, it is only moved about by deep, diaphragmatic breathing, and by exercise.   The diaphram is a large muscle below the lungs that moves downward to create suction and cause air to fill the lungs.   Although we breath even without trying, we can be greatly benefited by deep breathing, although we should check with our doctor if we have any doubts about this.   The benefits of deep breathing go beyond assisting lymph circulation, too, since oxygen is one of the key ingredients needed by our cells and air is the best way to get it!   Try breathing in through your nose, then out through your mouth, making sure to hold your breath long enough to get the oxygen.   When your lungs expand fully, more oxygen is delivered to your blood, and lymph movement is facilitated.   Your whole body is benefited!

    Exercise can further encourage deep breathing, but it also expands and contracts many different muscles throughout the body, thereby helping the lymph to circulate in the lymph vessels.

    More than that, regular deep breathing is relaxing and has a calming effect on the mind.   This is consistent with the old adage which says that the three most potent healers are time, laughter, and calmness (the acronym for these three is TLC).

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