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    Your body is like a wire with an internal resistance of about 10 million ohms.   Be that as it may, it only takes about 0.1 Amps to kill you, and if a current happened to go through the vicinity of your heart it could stop the heart's beating by interfering with the heart's electrical signals.   This, obviously, is not conducive to life.   The same electric shock that can kill you is incidentally also used by medical emergency teams to restart a heart that has stopped beating.   But, having said that, to prevent death when working with electrical equipment, some guidelines are in order:
        1. If in doubt, get expert help.
        2. If in doubt, get expert help.
        3. If in doubt, get expert help.
        4. Where possible turn off equipment which uses electrical power.
        5. Keep the working evironment as dry as possible, including the clothing you are wearing, because water contains ions which reduce resistance and allow water to conduct electricity.
        6. Prevent the formation of a current path by insulating between feet and floor, and by keeping one hand in your pocket.
        7. During a lightning storm, lie down in an open field.

    Get expert help.

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