A Stock Monitor : The Newest of the New

Now with the following changes :
(in reverse chronological order)

- an updated NetStock ticker (now v. 1.51) with double-clickable tickers (also updates source access interface to resolve data retrieval problem experienced by older versions)
- a new WIDE Line Chart Display Preference (Preferences Dialog)
- Pod scroll buttons are now accessible from any cycle mode
- a major bug fix (corrects problems with Control Centre : Options, Line Charts)
- a new Total Owned vs. NASDAQ indicator (WIDE Line Chart)
- an updated FAQ
- improved spacing uniformity in Bar Charts and Table
- revised Portfolio restore dialogs for improved clarity
- a new `>>>' (Next ) button to manually cycle solitary Charts
- a convenient Bank and Pod number display in the Active Area

Other recent improvements :

- eight more clickable screen functions including quick-select Charts
- two new Portfolio %-gain indicators in WIDE Line Charts
- a high visibility, colour-coded `NASDAQ' display on (DAY) Line Charts
- a new Wide Line Chart option with price scale (new shortcut key "W")
- a handy Advancers / Decliners display on all Line Charts

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A Stock Monitor v. 3.0 (.exe, self-extracting)
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