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     A Stock Monitor : What's New ?

"Still the best stock tracking program that money can't buy."

- Tracks up to 2400 unique stock tickers (24 stocks per Pod)
- Compact format -- stock data grows as you use it.

Monitors stocks in 10 Banks, scrollable

Each Bank contains 10 Pods, scrollable

- Optional prompts for Transaction History records
- 3 powerful stock removal options:
1) 'Remove single occurence' (incl. optional History prompt)
2) 'Purge this Bank'
3) 'Purge entirely'
- Copy Pod or Bank to another location, OR Swap Pods or Banks
- Multiple Back Up and Restore capabilities, for example:
Back Up Pod, Back Up Bank, Back Up All Banks

Multi-Pod Display for owned stocks

Auto-Cycle between Pods with Pod cycling

- Auto-Cycle, Cycle All Pods, and Cycle All Banks options
- Compare (up to 10) Selected Stocks from any Banks or Pods
- Transaction History is searchable & editable w/column-sorting
- Splits History (also searchable & editable, w/column-sorting)
- Split-corrected Line Chart option -- you enter new splits only
- Freely distributable -- download file fits on a floppy !
- Installation does not alter the Windows Registry - easy to remove
- Exhaustive Help with topics clearly displayed in Help Menu

So many powerful features
So easy to use