Don't put all your 'begs' in one 'ask it'.

That would be putting the 'heart' before the 'course'.

'Learn' and 'live'.

Where there's a 'wall' there's a 'we [wiy]'.

I'm just a 'former' of my 'shadow' self.

If 'again' you don't succeed, try, try 'a first.'

'Weed' 'em 'n 'reap.'

'Opt' your 'no'tions, and 'go' where you're 'know'ing.

A 'gazeable' 'sign [siin].'

The 'soul [sole]' is greater than the 'hum [whum]' of its parts.

I'm 'gabberflasted'.

Something is 'denten' in the state of 'Rotmark'.

'Fuse' me an offer that I can't 'remake'.

What's good for the 'caboose' is good for the 'cabander'.

Inside 'up', 'down'side 'back', and 'out'wards.

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