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Bathing The Cells:

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    Water is the best solvent in the universe.   In other words, more substances dissolve in water than in any other substance known to man.

    In the body, water provides a means for removing the toxins from the bloodstream.   Some toxins enter the body from outside, but others are produced by the cells as waste products.   These waste products build up in the blood and literally poison the body if they are not removed.   Water plays a central role in serving as a medium for removing toxins from the body.

    Sir Edmund Hilary is a British mountain climber famous for having been the first man to successfully climb Mount Everest, the tallest mountain peak in the world according to elevation.   Part of his success may be attributed to the little-known fact that he insisted that all the members of his climbing team drink more water than they would normally have been inclined to drink because of thirst.   In a related experiment, increased water consumption was also shown to increase stamina in human subjects walking on treadmills.

    In addition to removing toxic substances from the body, water also plays an important role in the digestion of food.   Jay Kordich, who studied juices for the healing of cancer in his own body, and who subsequently lived more than forty years, spoke of the nature of the body as a juicing machine.   Similar to the way a juicer extracts vegetable or fruit juices, Jay said, our own body is doing when we eat whole foods.   Using his slogan "it's the juice of the fibre that feeds you", he accentuated the importance of water as an essential ingredient in the process of vitamin, mineral, and nutrient extraction in the human body.

    How do we remember to get enough water?   One way is to eat plenty of water-based foods like fruits and vegetables.   And remember that thirst is not a good enough indicator by itself.   Try drinking a healthy quantity of water prior to energetic activity and see if it increases your stamina!

    Because of contaminants in groundwater as well as in public water supplies in cities and residential areas, some people can choose to drink only distilled water, thus ensuring a more reliable water purity.   Chemicals as well as living microbes found in water can be detrimental to health.   Furthermore, perhaps surprisingly, the body can only use limited quantities of minerals; even any minerals in excess of the body's requirements can be harmful.   Drinking pure water eliminates these problems.

    The Bible speaks of its own words as 'waters of truth'.

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