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    Many have suffered ignominy, torture, even death in order to ensure that the Bible is available in, for example, English.  This great price was paid in order that the Bible of long ago be preserved intact up until the present day.  Irrelevant?  Hardly.  Outdated?  The Bible has stood the test of time (1 Peter 1:25).   But more especially, God's Word contains important information specifically meant for our day.  Jesus warned that our system of things would not end before false prophets appeared (Matthew 24:11).  Does this sound like it might apply to any particular age?  The apostle Paul also spoke of the last days as "critical times" (2 Timothy 3:1), and he warned the reader of the sort of men who would be without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness.  Are these things not relevant to our time?  Interesting, perhaps.  But these are but a token of what the Bible has to offer.  If I read the Bible today, I may be the first person to understand its meaning.  Why?  Because the Bible yet contains prophecies which have not been fulfilled.  That is, the Bible is not only relevant to our day, but it foretells the future.  In a day when so much is uncertain, what better way to prepare for the uncertainties to come than to read the Bible?  The past does not equal the future, but it makes it a whole lot more predictable.


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